About Us

Integritec Nashville TN

Integritec is both a solutions provider and consulting company focused on implemented results that match up front promises.

Click to learn ‘what we do, though we believe thatwho we are is more important.

We have values, which are the core of our culture.  Here they are:

  • Satisfied customers sign our paychecks.
  • Delivered results match up front promises.
  • We are a customer driven company.
  • People Matter – The way people are treated is the primary factor determining team member performance and customer satisfaction.  Respect, transparency, allowing reasonable mistakes, autonomy and providing tools needed to succeed are important.  Of course, we all have to be accountable.
  • Transparency – This applies to interactions with our customers and with our company.  It matters to us that delivered results match up front promises.

Our strengths are assisting clients with decision making that best serves their company, partnering with best in class providers in a particular area and ensuring that implemented results match up front pricing. We also have strength in managing projects with multiple providers.


Who We Are

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We deliver results that match up front promises – plain and simple.

How do we achieve this?

  • We take time to understand your business needs.
  • We provide options, thus enabling you to make the best choice for your business.
  • Managing providers and getting action are among our greatest strengths.
  • We partner with providers that have demonstrated commitment and ability to deliver results matching up front promises. Of course, you don’t have to use our partners.

Example #1

A local healthcare company was growing quickly and moving to a new location. We learned that they needed bandwidth and a printer for their temporary space within a week. They needed Internet, VoIP, security, routers and other hardware for their permanent space. A short timeline was needed for this as well.

We brought together the appropriate providers. Implementing projects with multiple providers can be challenging. We did have a few bumps, though they were fairly small. Getting service from old line Telecom providers can be challenging. The carrier told us they didn’t think they could meet the time line. We know how to get action and installed as needed. The only areas we know of that occurred on time relative to their move are the ones we managed.

Example #2

A local e-commerce decided to migrate from a premise based phone system to hosted VoIP. They have call centers, making this somewhat more complicated.   This was their first VoIP project, thus we educated them as needed to ensure a smooth transition. The migration occurred when it was supposed to with few bumps.

Example #3

A customer need a fiber Internet circuit installed in 45 days into a building that didn’t have the needed fiber. The standard for fiber build-out is 90 days or longer. The carrier told us they probably couldn’t do it. Because we know how to get effective action from providers, we delivered in the needed time frame.

It’s All About Transparency




Have you had a prospective vendor promise great things with their offering?
Has anyone ever dodged your questions when you asked about weaknesses or challenges?

Have you ever called references that said great things?
Have you ever had these things happen with the same provider, yet implementation was a nightmare and the product didn’t perform?

Transparency is what is missing. We have chosen to demonstrate rather than claim transparency.

Want a reference from us?

If so, we give you our customer list and you decide whom to call. Want to speak with a customer where there were problems? We’ll tell you who they are so the customer can tell you how we handle problems. Go to our Customer Page.

Why do we do this?

Because our founder knows that making a mistake isn’t the problem – it is how we react that makes the difference. The reason that all of our customers give a positive reference is: We admit when we make a mistake, we apologize and work diligently to make it right. Fortunately, most of our customers haven’t experienced serious problems.