Moving Forward With Solutions In The Changing Role of the CIO

Modern businessCIO’s often struggle with the changing role that is becoming more and more about business leadership. This is not new information, much is written about problems with IT.  Too often though, all fingers point at IT leadership.  I believe this is not all together accurate and the solution requires effort from business unit leaders and executive management as well as IT leadership. This article moves from problem to solution and is one of the best I have seen.

Why chief information officers can

struggle in a leadership role

Corporate Migration in the Coming Year

IntegritecCorporate objectives will be achieved by improving the operating effectiveness and reducing operating costs. This has been the platform for Chief Financial Officers in the acceptance of cloud solutions. This latest C-level suite acceptance of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS will open the doors for greater corporate migration in the coming year. The article below discusses the growing numbers of organizations adopting cloud solution technology.

CFOs Open Purse Strings to Accelerate Cloud Adoption

The Data Center Future & Leadership Perspectives

integritec-tnI came across this article. It’s a great read from other IT leaders in the industry. An array of opinions for the future of the data center and what trends are coming of age. Learn what others are saying about the challenges and next steps to this changing season for technology and IT departments. Go to the link below to read more.


What’s the future of the data center? The big list of thought leadership perspective

Jack Woods | March 4th,

Promising Technology to Reduce WAN Provisioning Times


Has DARPA have found a solution to the time consuming process of connecting data centers to each other?

Will companies tap that extra bandwidth as well as keep geographically distributed environments properly backed-up and synched?

DARPA-backed project aims to
dramatically cut WAN provisioning

Maria Deutscher


photo credit: ViaMoi via photopin cc

Virtualization today

virtualization-300x182This is a really interesting article about new players and changes in the virtualization space.  Almost all companies that I speak with are on a path to have everything in their shop virtualized.
Public, private and hybrid cloud services are heating up, thus increasing the importance of virtualization.

Virtualization today: Key trends and players

Suzanne Kattau

CIOs – How To Make Time to Engage w/ the Business Units

 Engage-Pete Hendrix

“The role of CIO becomes more of a … consultant and advisor relative to the technology that’s available rather than building or delivering that infrastructure.” – Forrester Research”

 “CIOs Still Lack Respect from Executive Peers” The Wall Street Journal

The most successful IT leaders are finding ways to spend more time with the business units and less time on maintenance.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve been forced to overcome obstacles and difficult situations in order to survive. The process below has been critical to my success. It’s simple, though not easy.

  1. Treat this as a job saving endeavor – which may be the case.
  2. List ideas to reduce time spent on infrastructure maintenance or anything unrelated to corporate strategic initiatives. Write down all ideas – nothing is thrown out at this point.
  3. Make a list of the good and bad for each.  Honestly assess both. Focus on how to make the best ideas work.
  4. Make some hard decisions.

Here are ideas to get started:
What can you delegate to your team? – Delegate and let them do their jobs.

  • Can outside firms handle your custom software? Better yet, do you need custom software?
  • What lower value activities can you pay someone else to do?
  • What on premise systems / hardware do you have that would save time if put into the cloud? (IaaS, SaaS, Data Center w/ hands on management, etc…)
  • Need more funding? How can you put together a compelling business case?

By now you are probably sensing the difficulty of this exercise. According to Wikibon, the best CIOs spend 46% of their time with business stakeholders, compared to 27% for the most CIOs. The best CIOs spend about 17% less time on IT related issues than most CIOs. Difficult goals take time to achieve, though these numbers are good targets.

Pete Hendrix is a blogger and a technology broker. He is also a thought leader on the relationship between IT leadership and the C-Suite as well as skill set development for IT leaders as technology changes their traditional role. He can be reached at