Moving Forward With Solutions In The Changing Role of the CIO

Modern businessCIO’s often struggle with the changing role that is becoming more and more about business leadership. This is not new information, much is written about problems with IT.  Too often though, all fingers point at IT leadership.  I believe this is not all together accurate and the solution requires effort from business unit leaders and executive management as well as IT leadership. This article moves from problem to solution and is one of the best I have seen.

Why chief information officers can

struggle in a leadership role

Corporate Growth And The CIO

Image for siteCIO’s are the glue in converging IT and business strategies. There is more being asked of them rather than just making sure the IT department runs smoothly. They are the pivotal link of combining IT solutions and strategic corporate goals. They are having to face issues with big data and the best way to leverage this data to facilitate corporate growth.  They are expected to establish IT platform architectures that are flexible and scalable. Data driven decision making is fueling the need for analytics of this big data being harvested. The link below addresses more on this topic.

How CIOs Spur Enterprise Growth

by: Ben Kerschberg

Cybersecurity and What Cyber Experts Are Saying About It

Pete Hendrix Hack securityThis has been a topic of different opinions and options shared with people in all aspects of the technology industry. It has been the driving force for the hesitation for joining in the cloud. It has been the nightmare that keeps CIO’s from sleeping at night.  We want to feel confident and secure in our most valuable data. We want our customers to use our products and services without the concern of their data being hijacked by cyber hackers. In the article below we get to hear from some of the top leaders in the industry about their opinions on how to ‘fix’ cyber security.

10 Ways To ‘Fix’ Cybersecurity

by: Kashmir Hill



Healthcare Jumping On Board the Cloud

???????????????????????????????????????????????????As Cloud Technology increases so does the focus on assurance of security and cost. There is an increasing number of healthcare organizations that are making the shift to Cloud based technology. These organizations are seeing a greater workforce productivity after Cloud technology has been implemented. Big players in the technology service provider companies are addressing the concerns of security and cost and coming up with measures to give assurance and more healthcare leaders are becoming very confident in these solutions.  The article below by Erin McCann, Healthcare IT News is very encouraging for those still straddling the fence of Cloud based technology.


Healthcare taps cloud in record numbers


The Data Center Future & Leadership Perspectives

integritec-tnI came across this article. It’s a great read from other IT leaders in the industry. An array of opinions for the future of the data center and what trends are coming of age. Learn what others are saying about the challenges and next steps to this changing season for technology and IT departments. Go to the link below to read more.


What’s the future of the data center? The big list of thought leadership perspective

Jack Woods | March 4th,