Extraordinary Bosses

Man controlling assembly process at factoryThe culture of the workplace starts at the top. Extraordinary bosses make a huge difference in the culture of the workplace. By following these 10 simple things that an extraordinary boss does you can change the culture of the workplace, engage employees and create a better team effort amongst your employees. Click the link below to read the article I have found very informative.

10 Things Extraordinary Bosses Give Employees
Good bosses care about getting important things done. Exceptional bosses care about their people.

 By Jeff Haden Contributing Editor, Inc.






Your Business and Engaging Employees

Happy doctors in hospital gowns in rowYour business is only as good as its’ employees.

How do you build and maintain an environment where your employees give their 100 percent, enjoy coming to work every day, your business has fewer turn over rates, less time and money spent in retraining and processing new employees that replace the amount of turn over?

Employee Engagement, by investing in people that invest their time in your business. The article below from the Harvard Business Review touches on three ways to actually engage employees. Click on it to find out how.