IT Leaders – Build Stronger Relationships

Disconnect-Pete HendrixMost business unit leaders think and make decisions differently than most IT Leaders.  The impact is that both parties speak a different language which is the basis for many of the challenges in the relationship between IT and the rest of the company.



Much is written describing the changing role of IT Leadership, yet little is written on practical ways for IT Leaders to actually make the transition.  This paper presents a path to stronger relationships with the C-Suite and business unit leaders.

IT Leaders- Build Stronger Relationships(1)

Your Business and Engaging Employees

Happy doctors in hospital gowns in rowYour business is only as good as its’ employees.

How do you build and maintain an environment where your employees give their 100 percent, enjoy coming to work every day, your business has fewer turn over rates, less time and money spent in retraining and processing new employees that replace the amount of turn over?

Employee Engagement, by investing in people that invest their time in your business. The article below from the Harvard Business Review touches on three ways to actually engage employees. Click on it to find out how.